About Us

Telecan Space is an independent consulting firm founded in 2011, which offers a wide range of Consulting, Engineering, and Training services to the space industry.

Our services help organizations to minimize risks, make informed decisions and develop optimal strategies for their space programs. Our unique value proposition is to bridge the gap between the technical and commercial worlds, backed by an experience that encompasses over 40 space programs. Our team consists of a network of more than 50 experts, who are at the cutting edge of new space technologies in areas such us: satellite systems, payloads, antennas, launch vehicles, etc. Our clients range from satellite operators, space agencies, insurance companies, space industry manufacturers to governments and launch agencies. Our contacts with key staff in major satellite manufacturers, satellite operators, insurers, space agencies and launch service providers coupled with our independent and unbiased perspective and deep technical expertise, ensure our services provide unparalleled value to our costumers in Canada and around the world.


Market Studies for Space Industry

  • Our insight and knowledge of the current trends in the space industry allow us to prepare exclusive studies. We are proud to support our customers with the following services:
    • Market Studies
    • Business Intelligence
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Business Studies
    • Cost Analysis
    • Commercial Due Diligence
    • ETC…

Satellite Program Management

  • Planning, organizing, directing and controlling resources to ensure the success of satellite programs

Satellite Program Monitoring

  • Strategic support and independent technical monitoring of spacecraft construction, including coordination among parties involved
    • Customer
    • Manufacturer
    • Sub-Contractors
    • Launch Vehicle Agency

Vehicle Procurement

  • We provide integral consulting services for spacecraft procurement. That is, linking the technical aspects of satellite systems with business solutions that add value to your customers.
  • Providing support during all the phases of spacecraft and launch vehicle procurement which includes
    • Request for Information (RFI)
    • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Proposal Evaluation
    • Selection of Manufacturer
    • Contract Negotiation

Launch Vehicle

  • Strategic and technical support during mission design reviews, interface meetings, launch site integration (launch campaign) and launch monitoring

Space Industry Manufacturer Support

  • Proposal preparation
  • Supplemental staffing services
  • Business intelligence surveys and studies


  • Design of components for space applications, including but not limited to:
    • Spacecraft Bus Components
    • Optical Payloads
    • Communications Payloads
    • SAR
    • ETC…
  • Analysis of different mission scenarios, including: LEO, MEO and GEO. We perform complex thermal analysis using all the commercially available specialized software
  • Testing of components for space applications, such as: Thermal cycling, thermal balance, thermo elastic distortion, etc…


  • Design of components for space applications, including but not limited to: spacecraft bus components, optical payloads, communications payloads, SAR, etc…
  • Analysis of different structures, including primary, secondary and tertiary load paths
  • Testing of components for space applications, such as: Acoustics, sine and random vibrations


  • Unit and System level testing of space hardware including developmental and verification tests

Our courses cover the key technical and commercial aspects of the satellite industry including management, satellite procurement, business strategies, sales and marketing, and technical topics from the ground up to the spacecraft. Whether you are a private or a public organization, our training will equip participants with the tools and know-how to help grow your business.

Our trainers are space industry professionals, who are at the cutting edge of new technologies. Participants will benefit from the rich transfer of know-how from space industry veterans who are respected in their field and have first-hand experience in space companies.

Our Courses

Our Experience

Telecan Space's core team has experience working in over 40 international space programs and projects including the following:

 Nimiq 1 & 2

Customer: Telesat

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin

Launcher: Proton M

 Nimiq 4

Customer: Telesat

Manufacturer: Astrium

Launcher: Proton M

 Nimiq 5 & 6

Customer: Telesat

Manufacturer: Loral

Launcher: Proton M

 Anik F2

Customer: Telesat

Manufacturer: Boeing

Launcher: Ariane 5